My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Progress, Not Perfection

The most common question people ask me since I started this blog is, “How do you eat by design every day?” Here’s the dirty secret: I don’t. In fact, no one does. The point of Eat by Design has never been to be one hundred percent compliant every single day. That’s not realistic. Doctors Jamie and Joel recommend eating by design at least 80% of the time. More is better but not mandatory.

I find that if I deny myself one type of food, (e.g. carbs, sugar, etc.) when I crave it I have two options; I can allow yourself a small amount and then return to eating by design, or I can keep denying myself until I crack and binge on the forbidden foodstuff. Secret option number three is not to have the food at all, which I often do, but I’m talking about overwhelming cravings.

When I really want a cookie, I have a cookie. Better one cookie now than a handful later.

Another good tip is to measure treats like chips or candies into a small dish rather than eating from the bag. That make portion control much easier.

I do try to Eat by Design but right now I am closer to 80% than I am to 100%. It’s something we can all work on and I find making small, gradual changes is easier to stick to long-term. Look at the progress you can make rather than striving for perfection.


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