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Wedded Bliss


Today is my one year wedding anniversary. One year ago Nick and I stood in front of our family and promised to love and take care of each other. We were so happy on that day and we have had countless happy times since.

When people find out you are newly weds, they often ask how married life is or how it’s different from dating each other. I talked to Nick and we agreed that our married life is not that different from our dating life. Before we were married, Nick and I lived together and we had already had many of the ‘big conversations’ (e.g. kids, money, lifestyle, etc.) We also bought and renovated a house together before we got engaged. All those things drew us together and getting married just solidified our commitment to each other.

Another thing people like to tell newly weds is that the first year of marriage the most difficult. We didn’t find this was true for us either. We had so much fun together in our first year of marriage. We laughed a lot and worked through the tough times together. It wasn’t a challenging year for us but maybe that’s because we had done a lot of the relationship work before we got to the altar. But we still work on our marriage every day. I would never claim Nick and I are doing everything right, but we feel supported by our relationship and that’s important.

Happy anniversary. I love you, Mister.


As promised

My photographer posted some of our wedding photos on Facebook so I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

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Wedding Brain

Is wedding brain a real thing? I’m here to tell you it is. I worked up until two days before my wedding. In the week before my wedding, I swear I got stupider each day. I filled in my attendance sheets wrong pretty much every day that week. I also incorrectly completed a piece of paperwork not once but twice, making the same mistake both times! My only defence was to cry, “I’m getting married next week!” and let various people make sympathetic noises and congratulate me.

Now just to be clear, I wasn’t really that stressed, especially not compared to some of the brides I’ve been in contact with. However, I was very excited and I did have a lot of lists floating around in my brain. I found my brain got a bit fluffy and I kept doing silly things like losing my glasses. The important thing is, I didn’t let these momentary lapses in brain power overcome me. I refused to get bent out of shape just because I had a lot of things on my plate. More than anything else, I focussed on the fact that Nick and I were doing this for us.

By the end of my wedding day, my face hurt from smiling so much. I looked at Nick and I was so glad we did things just the way we wanted.

Back to By Design

Was my wedding week By Design? Excuse me while a roll around on the floor laughing. Not a chance. I ate ridiculously good food, drank plenty of champagne and wine, slept in and spent hours being pampered. However, I did take my supplements each day, drink lots of water and still got some exercise, (although admittedly, less vigorous exercise than usual).

Nonetheless, this week I could really feel the difference in my body. I was sluggish and tired and a got some breakouts on my face. I was missing my usual joy in my daily activities and I was having trouble sleeping. I also developed a migraine towards the end of the week. I was obviously paying for my poor behaviour last week.

So now it’s time to get back on track…or back to By Design. If you’re like me, you need to ease back into healthy habits bit by bit. So this week, I’ve been returning to better and better habits. First came drinking a lot more water and green tea to flush out my system. Then I returned to my normal workout routine. I’m a bit sore but the rush of endorphins after a good sweat is worth it. Lastly, and probably most difficult, back to healthy eating. I have been cutting back on sugar and grains as the week progressed. I have heard from other people that grains and refined sugar are addictive and having indulged in a lot of it during my wedding and then trying to stop again, I believe it. Also, as I get tired late in the day from not eating or sleeping correctly, my body craves sugar and heavy carbs even more. Blerg. What a vicious cycle!

I am fighting the good fight and every day that I get closer to being back on track, my body thanks me and rewards me with more energy. My goal is to be fully back By Design next week and have a much happier belly and brain!

I’m back!

I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks while I got married. So, to answer the obvious questions:

Our wedding day was amazing! We both agreed that we felt excited, relaxed and joyful. Everyone had a wonderful time and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Our wedding was fourteen people and we held it at Langdon Hall in Cambridge. I would highly recommend both our venue and our wedding size to all the brides-to-be out there. These components allowed me to avoid much of the wedding stress that turns perfectly nice girls into bridezillas.

Yes, I will share photos as soon as I get them back from the photographer. I loved my dress and I think you folks will too. Plus because it was strapless, you can really see how hard I’ve been working on those overhead lifts!header

Bridal Break

So my wedding is in seven days. I can’t believe the date came up so quickly! Luckily, Nick and I are still feeling relaxed, (excited, but not stressed out). Everyone keeps telling us we’re the most relaxed bride and groom they’ve ever met. Anyway, I’m going to take the next two weeks off to focus on my new family. I’ll return with more crazy stories and some wedding photos to share.

Week 1 – 30 Day Challege Update

MBD = Move by Design.

EBD = Eat by Design.

TBD = Think by Design.

PBD = Power by Design.

Monday – MBD –  I didn’t make it to CrossFit because of the poor driving conditions, (it took me an hour to get home from work!) but I did Pilates and free weights at home. EBD – no grains, no sweets, no chocolate, gold star. TBD – Gave myself some extra reading time in the evening. I’m reading the Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick.

Tuesday – MBD – class at West London CrossFit. EBD – no grains, no sweets, no chocolate. I’m craving chocolate but I’m fighting the craving with green tea. TBD – I played with the kitties when I got home and spent the night bumming around the house not doing much of anything. Sometimes it is so relaxing just to do nothing much.

Wednesday – MBD – class at West London CrossFit. EBD – Another day of eating healthy without grains or sweets. TBD – I posted to my blog. PBD – got adjusted today.

Thursday – MBD – Pilates. EBD – All good today. I went to the Life by Design member appreciation dinner at Kantina. It was delicious and by design! TBD – I had a lovely evening chatting with the other practice members and Drs Jamie and Joel over a nice meal.

Friday – MBD – yoga. EBD – I had some grains and a bit of chocolate today. Nick and I went to a tapas bar for our anniversary. I don’t regret this meal or the time Nick and I took for ourselves. TBD – I posted to my blog and took off to a romantic getaway at Langdon Hall with Nick.

Saturday – MBD – yoga and a walk. EBD – Exception day! Today Nick and I had our wedding menu tasting. Three courses, nine dishes and five tasting glasses of wine. Oh, my belly was so full. As anyone who has been eating by design for a while can guess, my body was not super happy with this rich meal. I came away with a bit of a headache and a bout of indigestion. Damn you delicious, delicious food! TBD – Nick and I did have a lot of fun at our tasting. This is such a fun part of wedding planning.

Sunday – MBD – A long walk with my mom. EBD – back on track after a couple of days off. TBD – I posted this update! I also went shopping with my mom and we had a great chat. My mom lives four hours away from me so our time together is very special.


I’ve been bitten by the white devil.

Bridal planning…so much planning.

I didn’t plan my wedding as a kid. I never dreamed of big white dresses or flower arrangements. I wasn’t even sure I would get married until I met my partner. When he got down on one knee I was ready to say yes.

And so we plunged into wedding planning. My fiancé and I ran into some venue conflicts early and we moved the date of our wedding up…by a year. A 2015 wedding became a 2014 wedding in the blink of an eye. There are 199 days left until my wedding.

Command central for wedding planning.

Command central for wedding planning.

I could freak out but it’s our day and I don’t really feel like making myself crazy, (or more crazy than usual, anyway). I took two weeks out of my summer and I planned like it was my job. I was my own wedding planner. I battled the white devil to make my fiancé and I happy.

I find the whole world of wedding planning a bit frightening. Experts are telling you that you need things you’ve never even heard of, (response cards, boutonnieres, linen paper?) and everyone has a piece of advice.

My advice? Keep it simple and do what you want. I’m extraverted and love to be the center of attention. My fiancé is introverted and would rather people not focus their undivided attention on him. Therefore, he and I have made an agreement that if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it. We are thriving in the land of compromise and laughter and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to wreck it for us. I will slap every bridal expert or family member who can’t deal with that. At the end of this strange, white puffy experience, my new husband and I will look at this time with joy, not regret. That’s the best wedding gift we can give ourselves.

Living well is the best life.

Everyone has been to at least one social function, (in my case a wedding,) where we didn’t want to see someone, (in my case an ex-boyfriend).

As this wedding approached I joked with Dr. Jamie that living well was the best revenge. Did I want to see my ex? No. But I was going to this wedding and I was going to look amazing.

Knowing that the sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence, I took steps before the wedding to feel amazing. I worked out and got my spine checked. I ate food that made my belly happy, (chicken breast on salad with curry dressing). I got my hair done and treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. I talked to my fiancé about my feelings and we made a game plan to go for a walk if I felt uncomfortable.

By the time I got to the wedding I felt great. From the looks my ex gave me, I looked great too, but my only thought of him was Keep your looks to yourself, you don’t get to look at me like that anymore. What he thought didn’t matter because I was there with my wonderful fiancé and my friends celebrating the happy couple.

When we’d had enough, my fiancé and I made our polite goodbyes and escaped to the parking lot. As we danced together under the moon with music pouring from my car’s windows, I was happy and that is the best life to have.

So for those of you wondering how I looked that night, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but…

Toot Toot!

Toot Toot!

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