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That’s what I need right now. Things are so busy and I just need some quiet. I’ll post something more interested next time. For now, I’m going to spend some time with myself.



Imagine me at six years old, sitting at my desk with my fingers in my ears. The students chatter around me as I immerse myself in a story-book. The school called my mom because the teacher observed me doing this several times when the classroom was noisy. My mom explained that I just needed a little quiet time.

When is my day silent? Not often. Not often enough.

Being a teacher is a noisy business. Teenagers are generally loud and they love to talk constantly. I spend as much time listening as I do talking in my classroom. Add to that bells and noisy halls and I often go to bed noting that my ears are ringing.

How can I create silence? Sometimes I use sound-cancelling headphones to block out the buzz of the day. Nothing is playing through them; just blissful quiet. I don’t do this often enough.

I’m also making an effort to make my home more of a sanctuary. When I get home Nick is still at work. I turn off all the electronics in the house and put my phone on silent. Mostly, I read or putter around the house. Probably what I should do is use that time to meditate or contemplate quietly. That would certainly introduce more peace in my life.

So now I’m looking for more suggestions. Leave me a comment telling me how you introduce silence in your life.

Art Assignment 5: The Quietest Place

Upstairs hallway of my school seven minutes after the last bell of the day. Nuff said. Happy weekend.



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