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That’s what I need right now. Things are so busy and I just need some quiet. I’ll post something more interested next time. For now, I’m going to spend some time with myself.


Just when you think you have it figured out…

*Trigger warning: I talk about a cut in my leg and stitches in this post. I don’t give a lot of details or show photos, but if you’re squeamish, you may want to skip this one.*

Image result for urgent care

So I completed On Ramp for West London Crossfit and I was all ready to go back to regular classes. I was excited to start training again and feeling confident about being able to increase my strength. I was also back to school and having a great start to the new school year. My team is working well and my students are a lot of fun.

Then my screen door swung shut on my leg and cut through my heel almost all the way to my Achilles tendon. I sat on the ground and howled like an animal in a trap. It was so incredibly painful. I called Nick near hysterics and he rushed home to help me. I had to go to Urgent Care and get six stitches. I was so nervous. The topical anesthetic prevented me from feeling much and the doctor was quick, thank goodness. She examined my leg and assured me there was no damage to the tendon. Now I have to rest it until I can get the stitches removed in ten days. According to the doctor, it’s not too serious but I have to watch for infection. I’m also going to be in some pain because there is very little fat and skin in that part of the leg. To add an eye rolling moment to all this, I get to experience the fun of showering with a plastic bag taped around my leg.

So now I wait. I need to rest it for the first 48 hours. I can walk on it as much as is comfortable after that. After the stitches are out I can start to reintroduce other activities. *Sigh* It’s going to be a long 48 hours.



Don’t mind me…just scooping my brains out with a spoon

I’m on day four of a migraine. It’s not just my head that hurts; my jaw, neck, shoulders, and stomach all ache too. I will be crawling to the chiropractor and then to my RMT to try to fix this shortly. I’m taking a break writing so this is all you get today. Here is a picture of how my brain feels:


Time for a Break!

Well, it’s finally here: THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE WINTER BREAK! Excuse my yelling but I’m really looking forward to the break. And I will end the day by saying to my students, “Have a wonderful break. I will miss you all. Now go home and bug your parents for two weeks!” I plan to spend a lot of time with my family and friends and not much else. Too many plans can ruin a perfectly good holiday.

As a result, I will be taking time off my blog until the new year. I really want my winter break checklist to look like this:

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. See you in 2015!

Sick of being Sick

So having this monster cold for well over a week isn’t leaving me with much to write about. I’ve been so ill that I haven’t done much of anything By Design, unless we’re going to start offering Sleep by Design. I think I’ve got that one nailed.

I still don’t have my voice back. I kind of sound like this:

combined with this:

I’ve tried every remedy I can think of and I still feel like somebody stepped on me. So far:

  • Water – I’m drinking 2 – 3 liters a day.
  • Apple juice – Several glasses a day, will it help keep the doctor away?
  • Ginger ale – Good for my upset stomach.
  • PowerAde – Good for when I feel really dehydrated, which is often.
  • Hot tea with honey – I’ve tried peppermint, sleepy time, green, and chamomile. Very soothing.
  • Hot water, lemon and honey – Also very soothing and nice tasting.
  • NeoCitran – Not great tasting but it puts me to sleep in a hurry so this is a favourite at bedtime.
  • Chicken soup – A least I can keep this down. Enough said.
  • Raw garlic – This is soused to kill bacteria. I’ve been mixing it into my soup and it’s pretty good that way.
  • Spicy foods – I’ve been putting ground chillies in my food. It makes my nose run quite a bit so hopefully that will help clear me out.
  • Popsicles – There is no proof that frozen sugar-water on a stick helps but it is delicious and it soothes my scratchy throat.
  • Gargling with warm salt water – Gross but I’m still doing it. I haven’t noticed any real changes here yet but I figure it can’t make things worse.
  • Saline Nose Rinse – It’s weird to shoot salt water up my nose but it actually does feel nice afterwards and stops my nose from running for a few hours.
  • Zinc tablets – These are supposed to cure a sore throat but I gagged so much using them that I won’t be trying this again.
  • Vitamin C tablets – I took these until they started to upset my stomach. I don’t need to add any more symptoms!
  • Cold FX – Expensive and I don’t notice any changes when taking them. Perhaps this is an overpriced placebo?
  • Fishermen’ Friends cough drops – Also gross. These are gritty so I can only eat them when I’m sitting up or I start to choke.
  • Buckley’s cough drops – Extra gross tasting and they gave me a canker sore. Blerg.
  • Ricola cough drops – Definitely the best tasting so I use them before bed to stop me from coughing.
  • Tylenol Cold and Sinus caplets – These made me really dehydrated, plus you have to take them every four hours. I won’t be using them again.
  • Vick’s VapoRub – It makes my nose run, that’s for sure. I can use it as long as I’m willing to walk around with Kleenexes jammed up my nostrils.
  • Hot baths and showers – I’m wrinkly and red and we are out of hot water.
  • Gentle exercise – Some people suggest that getting a little exercise can help our bodies fight viruses. So far, I can manage 15 minutes of gentle yoga or a short walk before I get too fatigued to continue.
  • Sleep – I know this is the number one remedy everyone recommends. I am sleeping an average of 11 hours per day/night right now. I can’t sleep any more than that. I’m so bored.

Bah! Somebody rescue me! I’m tired and tired of being sick. At least I’m writing this in bed. I think it’s time for another nap. G’night.

Week 4- 30 Day Burnout

Sooooooo, my week? Not so good. I had to give up the 30 Day Challenge this week because I’ve caught a virus that is destroying me. I’ve completely lost my voice, (a complete tragedy for a teacher and notorious chatter-box like me) and I have a whole other host of nasty symptoms too gross to list here. Nevertheless, in the interest of full disclosure:

EBD – Nope. All I’ve managed to keep down most of the week is tea and toast, veggies, fruits and soup…so much soup. I’ve lost some weight but I think that’s more from my loss of appetite than actual healthy eating.

MBD – Nope. I’ve done some yoga and gone for some walks but anything much beyond gentle exercise leaves me wheezing and dizzy. My body wants rest more so I’ve been sleeping, napping and meditating. My cats have never been so happy but I feel like a lump.

PBD – Yup. I’ve been getting my chiropractic visits in and I even booked a massage appointment for next week to keep my spine healthy and happy.

TBD – I’ve been trying to be really positive all week, but I can feel myself wearing down. I’m tired and a bit weepy from being sick for six straight days. I’m hopeful more rest is all I need.

So I didn’t kick butt in this last part of the 30 Day Challenge. I was too stressed out and my health suffered. That’s happens sometimes. I could beat myself up, but instead I’m going to focus on getting healthy and then I’ll be ready for the next 30 Day Challenge.

Bah, typing has made me sleepy so I’m off to bed. I love you all and I’ll see you when I’m less phlegmy.

Sick of being sick


The stuffy nose, the scratchy throat, the fatigue, can it be that time of year already?


Don’t make fun of me. This may be the saddest selfie I’ve ever taken.

So I moved to a new school this September and with a new school comes a new crop of kiddies rife with every disease imaginable. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but they are germy, so, so germy. Unfortunately my immune system had its teeth kicked in this week and by Friday I began to suspect I had fallen prey to the common cold.

There are tons of cold remedies (natural or chemical) but in my experience, the best remedy is always rest. A cold is the body’s way of getting you to slow down while it cleans up your immune system. If you’ll excuse me now, I hear my pillow calling.

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned.

This is an excellent message for anyone trying to Live by Design. You can’t do it all. You have to rest too! I have trouble remembering this so I reposted this blog as a reminder to us all.

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