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Bonus Art Assignment: Art Trip Tijuana Part 2


3. Try to see if you can name those people before you meet them:

Women in their 40s walking their dogs – the Carols.

Kids under 15 riding their bikes – The Zachs.

Retired men walking for exercise – the Carls.

New parents pushing strollers – the Jones.

4. Meet them and find out the connection between your image and who they really are.

I decided to start with one of the Carls.


This particular Carl walks down our street with his walker once a day as long as it’s not too hot or too cold out. When he gets to my front yard, he takes a break and sits on the seat attached to his walker. Sometimes he reads his mail after he retrieves it from the mailbox across the street. I think the walking is physical therapy. When he first began this routine, I saw him walking with a number of different women in scrubs who looked to be home care workers. Since the photo above doesn’t show his face, I thought it might be alright to share it.

So one day when I say this Carl sitting in front of my house, I went out to get my mail. As I passed by him I said ‘hello,’ but Carl didn’t answer. I tried it twice more on other days but still nothing. Maybe he doesn’t like strangers? Maybe he didn’t hear me? Well, for now this is as close as I can get to completing this art assignment. #theartassignment


Bonus Art Assignment: Art Trip Tijuana Part 1


This is a big art assignment so I’m going to have to divide it into parts. Luckily I live in a neighborhood full of walkers so it’s easy to people-watch as I walk.

  1. Put away your devices and walk around the block. Done and done. IMG_2709  IMG_2725
  2. Make a list of 4 kinds of people who live around your neighborhood.

Women in their 40s walking their dogs.

Kids under 15 riding their bikes.

Retired men walking for exercise.

New parents pushing strollers.

Next week I’ll try tackling the other steps. #theartassignment

Just take the frickin’ compliment.

The other day a friend told me I had great legs. I responded, “Thanks. It actually used to be one of the areas of my body I was most self-conscious about.” This was not always a natural response for me. If someone tried to compliment me, I’d likely blush, mumble a bit and say something mildly disparaging about myself to balance it out.

Lots of people do this without thinking; they question or deny any words of kindness. Somehow we have the misguided idea that accepting a compliment is vain. It’s a silly idea that doesn’t help our self images. Women tend to be really bad at this sort of thing. Compliment most ladies and they will either deny it, (“Oh, I don’t think my legs look so great”) or give you a mushy, not-so-sincere compliment in return, (“Are you kidding? Look at how great you look in that dress!)

My advice? Just take the compliment. Take it and say thank you. Then when you’re feeling sad, take out that compliment and allow its warmth to sooth you.

As you train better and eat better and think better, people will notice and want to compliment you. Don’t be ungracious. If someone takes the time to compliment you, at least take the time to accept kindly. Part of being healthy is having a strong enough sense of self to accept the good and be thankful.

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