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Happy Halloween!

Greeting Halloweenies! I thought I’d give you some pics of my Halloween costume this year.

For those of you who haven’t become totally obsessed, I’m Pusheen the cat!


She stars in her own web comic at She is so cute and cuddly, I couldn’t resist wearing my Pusheen hoodie, (also available on Pusheen’s website.) I hope your day is more treat than trick. Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween!

Halloween costumes are art right? Say hello to the Zombie Bridesmaid!

Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride!

Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride!


Happy Halloween!

Remember folks, Eat by Design is 80% of the time or better so it’s ok to have a little treat today, (moderation, moderation, moderation!)

candy in moderation

However, if you’re looking to stick to your plan you could always candy some bacon. Yum-yum!

candy bacon

If you’re a little worried about this situation for your kids:


here are a list of places where you can donate some of that candy to help others.

In London, Ontario:

London Food Bank

Ronald McDonald House of Southwestern Ontario

Across Canada:

Cash for Candy

Canada Red Cross

Ronald McDonald House

For our American Friends:

Any Soldier

Operation Gratitude

Operation Shoebox

Halloween Candy Buy Back


Check with your local dentist. For example, Forest Hill Orthodontics in Toronto, Ontario posted this to their Facebook page:

“Halloween is around the corner! Be sure to save your candy for our annual Swap Your Sweets contest. Donate your Halloween candy to a good cause by dropping it off at our office. Forest Hill Orthodontics will donate $1.00 per each pound of candy to a jackpot. The school that brings in the most candy wins the entire jackpot up to a maximum of $1,000! You too will receive a reward of 10 Bruno Bucks for every pound that you donate. Candy will be donated to a third world country. Candy drop off is between November 1st and 22nd.”

I’d like to think that if I had kids, I’d let them have some candy and then donate some to people less fortunate than themselves. What will you be doing with your leftover candy?

Halloween By Design?

A story in pictures.

So I absolutely LOVE Halloween.

So I absolutely LOVE Halloween.

But I'm a little worried about giving this...

But I’m a little worried about giving this…

to these guys.

to these guys.

But if I don't give out this...

But if I don’t give out this…

I'm worried about this...

I’m worried about this…

or this...

or this…

or this. I know some of you think I'm overreacting, but if you've ever denied a sugar-crazed 3-year-old candy, you know what I mean.

or this. I know some of you think I’m overreacting, but if you’ve ever denied a sugar-crazed 3 year old candy, you know what I mean.

But what do I do?

I don't really want to give out this...

I don’t really want to give out this…

or these.

or these.

And I'm NOT giving out these.

And I’m NOT giving out these.

So what's a healthy girl to do? I'm taking suggestions in the comment below.

So what’s a healthy girl to do? I’m taking suggestions in the comments below.


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