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Happy Halloween!

Greeting Halloweenies! I thought I’d give you some pics of my Halloween costume this year.

For those of you who haven’t become totally obsessed, I’m Pusheen the cat!


She stars in her own web comic at She is so cute and cuddly, I couldn’t resist wearing my Pusheen hoodie, (also available on Pusheen’s website.) I hope your day is more treat than trick. Happy Halloween!



My favourite reasons to do yoga at home

The dress code: I can do yoga in my pajamas, or my underwear, or nothing at all, (TMI?) I don’t have to do my hair or worry about how I look. I can roll right out of bed and hit the mat.

The class schedule: Yoga on demand 24-7. I can practice when I want for as long as I want.

The pace: I can speed up, slow down or take a break any time I need.

The studio: My house, my rules. I can have any setup I like. I get to choose the lighting, the temperature, the music, and anything else I like to suit my mood that day. I always get the best spot in the room too 🙂

My classmates: Me, myself and I…and an occasional furry visitor.


The peace: Being by myself is a real meditation booster. The house is quiet and I can slow down and just be.

If that doesn’t inspire you to try yoga at home, I don’t think anything will! Namaste.


Kitty’s Mommy Alarm

Pets can tell when you’re under stress. Don’t believe me? Take my big tabby Tracker. Whenever I feel sad or sick, he always comes to find me for a snuggle. We say he has a Mommy Alarm and whenever I need him it goes off and he springs into super-cute cuddle mode.

002 003

Here he is interrupting my morning yoga session for a hug.





And here he is guarding me while I was sick in bed one day. If you have a furry buddy in your home give them a big snuggle for me today. They are worth it.

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