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Back to School

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In an effort to set good habits early in the school year, I’ll be taking the next week off from writing my blog. Right now I’m spending a lot of time writing for the new school year and I’m just finding I’m a bit tapped out for creativity. The blog will return Tuesday September 13th. Thanks for understanding.



So generally at some point in the summer I take a break from the blog of about a week or so. It gives me time to refresh and think up lots of new ideas to write about. However, I had so much going on this summer that I never really took a break from writing. I just had so much I wanted to share with all of you.

Now I’m beginning to get a bit of writer’s block. Back to school is such a busy time for me and most of the writing I’m doing consists of lesson planning and making assignments. So, in an effort to maintain balance in my life and be kind to my brain, I’m going to be taking the first week of school off from the blog. That means the next blog will publish on September 15th. Thanks for being understanding. You folks are such lovely readers!

On Ramp Yourself Back In

Everyone has to take a break from training now and again. Recently, I took a break while recovering from a respiratory infection, (nobody wants to train next to the girl barking like a dog.) That was a short break. A few years ago I had to take a month out as I recovered from whiplash. To make a long story short, a deer hit my car; I did not hit it. Needless to say, my physiotherapist made me promise not to train until she gave me the go ahead.

If you’ve had to be away from the gym, don’t be shy about coming back. Here are my tips for turning a regular CrossFit class into a personal on ramp session:

1. Make time for mobility. Don’t skip your warmup and cool down. Your body will thank you.

2. Be realistic. This is not the day for new skills or personal records. Back off your weight and focus on your form. For example, here was my first workout back:


So usually for my back squats, I would lift between 90 and 95 lbs. On my first day back I lifted 62 lbs. Next time, I’ll lift more until I’m back up to my target lifts again. There is no reason to assume you have to come away from your first day back to the gym so sore you can’t move. Ease back into it.

3. Talk to your trainer. Helping you get back to design after an absence is part of their jobs. They can always suggest modifications to get you back to form.

4. Rest! Giving yourself a break during your workout and afterwards promotes quicker recovery.

Of course, my biggest tip is to get back to training as soon as you (and possible your doctor) feel you are ready. See you there!

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