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Having a good time with my brain


I’m in the middle of an online learning course to update my teaching certification. I won’t bore you with the details as it’s really only interesting to people in my field of study. However, I will say this: every day in my course I feel like I’m getting smarter. It’s like I can actually feel new connections being made and reinforced in my brain. This is a very condensed course, (only 20 days!) so I’m having to read, write, research, and think very quickly. The last time I really felt like this was during my Masters program, where I was hacking through courses with new concepts and ideas daily. It might be my imagination, but in these moments I think I can feel my brain changing for the better.

When was the last time you really enjoyed learning? When a book changed your mind on something? When you finished a major project? When you successful overcame an obstacle? It could be something as simple as when I helped my niece and nephew put together a perfect Lego tower.  It is important to notice these times when we are improving our brains. At North Americans, we are very focused on improving our physical health, (going to the gym, eating healthy, etc.) but we tend to neglect our mental development once we leave school. I’m going to try to keep doing things that are good for my brain. I hope you do too. Keep learning!


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