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My new workstation

I keep hearing that sitting is the new smoking. I’m no doctor so I’m not going to speculate on how bad sitting is. All I know is that as a teacher, I don’t spend a lot of time sitting down. However, in my new role as a special education support teacher I have to do a lot more paperwork than I used to. I found that sitting to do it was hurting my back and neck.

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I created a better work environment by putting a paper box on my desk and placing my laptop on top of that. It wasn’t perfect but it got me a lot closer to the proper posture for working standing up. Plus I found I was a lot more productive working standing up.

Luckily, my principal was understanding when she saw how much standing up while working was helping me. She agreed to buy some stand up workstations for the department.


I really like my new workstation. The legs are adjustable so I can get the perfect height. Besides, this is a much more professional look for my office. Hopefully it will help me stay more active at work.



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