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Canadian Pea Soup


Last Sunday looked like this all day:


I didn’t do my hair or wear makeup. I crawled into my comfy clothes and headed straight to my Harrowsmith’s cookbook for some cozy food. I landed on this recipe:


This would be perfect because over Easter Nick bought a ham. Well, he bought a seven pound spiral honey ham…for the two of us. With a huge mountain of leftovers, I had wrapped some ham and the ham bone in plastic wrap and tinfoil so I could freeze them. Here was my chance to use both.


So I assembled my ingredients and set to work.


I took a bunch of the leftover ham and chopped it to add to the soup at the end. I don’t like the texture of the boiled meat as much so I add my ham late in the recipe.


I soaked my split peas for two hours. I used a mix of yellow and green split peas because that’s what I found in the pantry.


I drained the peas.


I put all the ingredients except the sour cream into the pot and just covered it with cold water.


I brought it to the boil and then reduced it to a simmer.


Here’s what it looked like after two hours. The peas were tender so I took out the ham bone.


I blended the soup with my stick blender and added the sour cream.


Then I added the cold, chopped ham into the soup and simmered for 15 minutes more.


This soup is rich and hearty, perfect for a rainy day. Enjoy!


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