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Fake Flyer Update

I completed the Fake Flyer Art Assignment a few months ago. I hung my flyer on the community board at the library but after I checked it a few times, I forgot about it. Then I was passing the library a few days ago and found that this is my flyer now:


This is so amazing! So many positive messages and great drawings have been added since I last checked! Some were simple messages like these:



Others aren’t in English. I have no idea what this one says. I think it might be Russian. If anyone can provide a translation, let me know.


This one is in French.


Using my high school French, here’s my attempt at a translation: “God, guide me, protect me, light the lamp of my heart and make me a brilliant star. You are the strength, the all powerful.” This actually sounds familiar. Is this a famous French quote or part of a poem? Let me know in the comments if you recognize it.

I am so pleased that my community respected my art and added their own to it. #theartassignment



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