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Yoga and YouTube

*NOTE* Before starting a yoga home practice, it is a good idea to take a session of beginner’s classes first. It’s a chance for you to get familiar with the basics of yoga. Plus an experienced yogi can make sure you’re doing the poses correctly.

Time to get on the mat.

Time to get on the mat.

A while back I posted about starting a yoga home practice. I’ve been doing more yoga lately but instead of going to classes, I’ve been following a yoga class on YouTube.

Yoga with Adriene is an amazing YouTuber who offers yoga classes once a week. She has also created a number of 30 day yoga playlists. I’ve tried a few of her videos so far and I’m really enjoying them. Her style of yoga works well for me and she does a few things in her videos that keep me coming back.

I like the fact that there is only music at the beginning and end of the videos. I prefer to practice yoga in a quiet place. I can focus on my breathing and meditation without the distraction of music. Too many yoga videos contain constant meditation music, (or ‘plinky-plonky music’ as I call it,) and it’s distracting. I need to concentrate on what the instructor is saying and what I’m doing. That’s enough for me.

I like Adriene’s instructing style as well. Her classes are a bit more advanced than a lot of what is available on YouTube, which allows me to get more out of my practice. She moves within her poses, rather than locking into them, and encourages her students to do the same. She sets a good pace for flow (or Vinyasa,) but also provides enough time to breath and explore the poses.

I also like her sense of humor. She laughs at her own jokes and makes references to Disney characters and movie quotes. She is dedicated to her yoga practice but because she doesn’t maintain a serious attitude the whole way though her classes are more fun.

If you’re interested in doing some yoga at home, I recommend you visit Adriene’s channel. I’m current working my way through her 30 Day Yoga Camp so I’ll report back on how it goes when I’m done. Feel free to follow along too! Namaste.


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