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Art Assignment 42: News Photographer

I used this article from The Star about a student at York University who received accommodations for her exams without disclosing her mental health diagnosis. I was drawn to this story because I work with students with special needs in a high school. Recently I have been setting up the exam accommodations for my students, (for example, alternative testing rooms, assistive technology, and so forth.)

I  was especially struck by a researcher in the article who identified, “the need for faculty to have more information about mental health and the accommodation process. Faculty said they really do want to help students in crisis but don’t know the limits of what they’re supposed to do.” I work constantly to educate my coworkers on how to best help students with special needs.

In photographing this, I had to be careful not to include any pictures of the students for privacy reasons. However, I wanted to show how much effort we put into accommodating students’ needs in my high school. Not easy to show without the students, so I took these pictures of some posters outside our extra help room.



Students: read these posters and believe them. #theartassignment


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