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Art Assignment 40: Object Empathy

So when we moved into our house, I found this book on one of the basement pantry shelves.


It looks like someone started a recipe book. This book is beautiful and sad. It’s both weathered and unfinished. Check out the gallery below to see the recipes I found inside:

I wonder who started this recipe journal and why they left it behind when they moved? Did they abandon it or was it forgotten? Does the original owner still wonder where it went? I guess most people in my situation would just throw this book away but I just couldn’t bear to do it. It’s been sitting on the shelf with my other cookbooks since we moved in. Now I have a reason to use it.

Here is my fix for this sad book: I’m going to add my own favourite family recipes into this book.


That already looks much better. I better finish up this post so I can keep adding posts to my new/old recipe book.

For the curious chefs out there, I will be trying one of the original recipes in my next post.


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