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Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Well, Fall is truly here and the apples are ready for harvesting.


I’m making and canning apple butter. This post will cover my apple butter recipe and I’ll talk about how to can it in a later post. I used my slow cooker for this recipe and it leads to a lot less stirring and worrying!

I like jam well enough, but in my mind nothing beats apple butter. It’s like creamy, smooth apple pie filling. It’s great on toast or tea biscuits, or even as a glaze on pork.

Yield: About 6 250 ml Mason jars. You can freeze or can the apple butter.


5 pounds apples, peeled, cored and sliced (any varieties you prefer) HINT: 1 pound apples = 3 cups prepared apples.
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup light brown sugar
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
¼ teaspoon ground cloves
¼ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract



I used Granny Smith, Gala, McIntosh, and Honey Crisp apples. They are all great for cooking and a mix of apples gives the butter a better balance of sweet and tart.

Now, to prep my apples, my mom sent me an apple peeler-corer. She’s the best.



This baby was amazing. It cut my prep time in half and wasted less of the apples this way.

I placed the prepared apples in my slow cooker. You can double or half this recipe, but 5 pounds fits my slower cooker exactly.


In a medium bowl, I whisked together the sugars, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and salt. I sprinkled it over the apples and stirred gently to combine.


Then I cooked the mixture on low for 10 hours. Do not open the lid or all the steam will escape. No peaking!

At hour 10 I added in the vanilla extract, breaking up any large chunks of apples that remained with a potato masher.


I covered it back up and cooked it for an additional 2 hours.

At the 12 hour mark I used my immersion blender to puree the apple butter until smooth. If you want the apple butter thicker, you can continue to cook it on low with the lid of the slow cooker slightly ajar so that steam can escape. Keep in mind that apple butter thickens as it cools.

And voila, perfect apple butter. Up next, how to can your apple butter.




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