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Art Assignment 37 Paper Weaving

I have always wanted to learn how to make those woven paper hearts people make for Valentines Day or to hang on their Christmas trees. I did a little research and learned they are called Danish paper hearts. Apparently, they were “first described by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen in his 1845 story ‘The Fir Tree’,” ( Now people around the world make them and fill them with treats for their loved ones. This sounds right up my alley. I decided to make two paper hearts for my niece and nephew’s upcoming birthdays, (their birthdays are close together so we’re having one big party for both.)

If you want to make your own paper hearts, the template I used can be found here. This is the beginner version so it’s a good one to try with kids.

Attempt one: Meh, it’s not bad but I bet I can do better.


Much better! Using smaller weaving strips really improved the look. This one is for my nephew.


This one is for my niece.


The weaving looks pretty neat inside as well.


Now to fill these hearts with some birthday treats. Not the healthiest choices, I’ll admit, but everyone deserves a special treat on their birthday.


Besides, part of the job of being an auntie is getting to spoil them a little bit.







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