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The Cloud Challenge

The video below will teach you all about clouds. There is a great challenge at the end of this video where you take a photo of some interesting clouds by laying on your back and looking up and behind you. By doing this you end up with an upside-down landscape, (and some weird looks from your neighbors). This puts more focus on the clouds in your photo. Try it out. It’s pretty neat.

I took a photo of the recent super moon. I also wanted to get pictures of the eclipse but unfortunately soon after I took the first shot, the sky clouded up in my city and I missed the whole eclipse. I watched the NASA live stream, but it wasn’t quite the same.

However, my first photo did seem to fit this assignment pretty well. I took an upside-down photo of this cumulus cloud holding up the moon. It looks to me like the cloud is presenting the moon to my neighborhood. If you turn it around the other way, it sort of looks like the moon is an eye and the cloud is a bushy eyebrow.

2015-09-27 20.01.51

To see more amazing cloud photos, check out



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