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World Mental Health Day

So I was scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions recently and I thought to myself, “There are a lot of videos about mental health suddenly. What’s the deal?” The deal is that I had missed World Mental Health Day. It was October 10th. Arrrrr, I can’t believe I forgot! Well, I’m going to cut myself some slack as World Mental Health Day fell on the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. For those of you non-Canadians, in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween, unlike our American neighbours.

Nevertheless, as someone with a mental illness, I wanted to take this opportunity to urge you to take care of your mental health. The most valuable thing you can do for yourself or someone you love is to get help. Talk to your doctor, your family, a social worker, anyone who can provide support. Check if your workplace has an EAP (Employee Assistance Program.) That’s how I found my counsellor and I only pay $10 a visit. Practice yoga, meditation or anything else that works for you.

It is not easy. I saw two family doctors, tried seven different medications, and four different counsellors before I found what was right for me. I often felt hopeless and lost. I kept going because I didn’t know what else to do. With my support network, I am now healthy, happy (most of the time) and living a more balanced life.

I want you to be persistent. Nothing is scarier (to me, anyway,) than having to say “I think I’m not OK,” but it is the only way to get better. People don’t often overcome mental illness alone. You, me and everybody else needs support to get better. You have to be willing to build yourself a support system. It takes a lot of bravery. I believe in you.

Below I have included a few of the videos I came across. Use them as inspiration.





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