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Art Assignment 35 Lost Childhood Object

I have always loved the story my mother in law tells about my husband’s Nintendo64. So as kids my hubby Nick and his brother Rory wanted an N64. Their parents said no, citing concerns about unfinished homework and violent games. So Rory and Nick saved their money and secretly bought the system themselves. They hid it in their bedroom closet and only played it when their parents were out.

I wanted to make something for Nick for this assignment but you have to understand that I married an introvert. He loves video games and other geeky stuff but he doesn’t like trumpeting his nerd affiliations. He is the quietest gamer I know. I finally settled on making him an N64 controller cookie.

I used chocolate chip cookie dough, M&Ms, sprinkles, and some rectangles of milk chocolate to make his geek treat.

I began by tracing the outline of the controller on my parchment paper in pencil.


Then I shaped the dough within it.


I wasn’t going to include this photo but it looked so funny when it came out I had to share it with you. I forgot how much this cookie dough spreads. It kind of looks like a sad dog butt with candies stuck to it.


That’s the way the cookie crumbles!


I tried again, this time giving room for cookie spread. I also froze the cookie dough for five minutes after I shaped it.




I pressed the candies into the warm cookie after it finished baking because I wasn’t happy with how the colours seeped into the cookie in attempt one.


I cooled it and presented it to Nick. His response was, “Is that an N64 controller?” Then he devoured it in four bites and told me it was delicious. Well, with that level of success I may make these again sometime. At least if Nick’s mom catches him with these controllers, he can eat the evidence. #theartassignment


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