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If you have women in your life who you care about, you need to learn a new word – dietainment. Check out the videos from General Mills below:

Girls and women of all ages can get caught up in the entertainment the media has injected into dieting. Increasingly, younger girls are viewing and being affected by these ad campaigns. Think your seven-year-old daughter is too young to be thinking of starting a diet? Think again. There are billboards, articles and videos everywhere urging her to just lose a little more weight, look a little more glamorous, and buy into unhealthy eating habits in the name of beauty. The worst part is that magazines, websites and television shows target the insecurities of women and tell them that if they aren’t actively dieting, they are less than other women. It’s even more demeaning when these marketing schemes claim that women need to diet for their health.

If you want to help, talk to the women in your life about healthy eating versus dieting. Make sure they aren’t falling prey to dietainment. Get rid of the media that promotes dietainment in your home and limit young girls’ exposure to this unhealthy trend in media. Finally, you can visit and sign the General Mills petition to create a world without dieting. I’ve signed and shared this petition and I hope you will too!



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