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Superhero Stance

Having trouble feeling confident or proud? Try adopting the superhero stance. If you stand hands on hips, chest forward and head up, (see the illustration below,) psychologists say it will increase your confidence level.

Recently, I blogged about how I’ve been feeling more confident and proud of myself since stopping my antidepressants. While writing that post, I kept thinking about how awful it felt when my anxiety wouldn’t allow me to be confident about my thoughts or choices.

Then I read an article in Psychology Today about the superhero stance. The article states that this stance projects power and that holding the pose for as little as two minutes to increased confidence in participants. In fact, the research shows that two minutes spent in this pose increases production of hormones such as testosterone, which led to participants experiencing a feeling of power and control.

I think it’s worth a shot. Next time I have to tackle a big project or go into a stressful meeting, I’m going to stand like a superhero for two minutes and see if it boosts my positive thoughts. Feel free to join me, Supermen and Wonder Women.


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