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Get used to being proud of yourself

Since coming off my antidepressants, I’ve being doing really well and feeling much healthier. I’ve caught myself smiling more. When I’ve checked in with my emotions, I’ve been noticing more times when I feel proud of myself. I haven’t done anything mind-blowing lately, but I feel proud of the good days I’m having and how I’m handling stress better than I used to. My transition back to work after summer break was smooth and I’m really enjoying my job these days.

I used to feel guilty about being proud of my accomplishments. I always felt like I should be doing more or that somehow being proud of myself was selfish. As soon as I felt any pride, I would also feel a wash of doubt. Was it really OK to be feeling pride about my small accomplishments? Wasn’t everyone else doing way more than me? How could I be proud of having a good day at work when other people were trying to cure cancer or feed the homeless? Sound familiar.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. However, everyone, myself included, needs to balance it with some humility. When I say pride, I’m not talking about endlessly talking up your goings-on to everyone you know, or filling your social media with self-important updates. I’m talking about being privately happy with where you are in life and who you are. The only reason I’m sharing my feelings of pride here are because I’ve been surprised by them. This feels like a whole new way of thinking to me.

I guess I’m hoping that by sharing this, you’ll remember to be proud of yourself too. Tackled a project at work? High five! Cleaned your house? Thumbs up! Helped someone solve a problem? You rock! Remember to take a little more pride in all the amazing things you do, be they big or small. I know it’s improved my outlook.


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