My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Art Assignment 31: Become a Sci-Fi Character

Superhero name: Hush.

Real name: Tayce Jones.

Special abilities: Hush can naturally manipulate electronics without touching them, (e.g. turning on and off lights). She wears a psionics arm band that amplifies certain abilities.

First appearance: August 2015.

Group affiliation: Unaffiliated as her parents refused to let her attend Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Hush wears a psionics arm band that can easily be hidden under a sleeve. This is critical as she is extremely shy and self-conscious. She was brought up in a very conservative household, with strict rules placed on everything she did. She does her best to go unnoticed at school and at home.

Her armband allows her to power down all electronics within a one, five or ten kilometer range. She also has a button labelled ‘All’ but she has never pushed it and doesn’t intend to. Hush mainly uses her power to enforce a circle of silence around her. She is slowly learning that she can use this power for mischief, (sorry Ms. Harris, we can’t take the computer studies exam if there’s no power,) or for good, (look at how happy that little girl is now that she has her mother’s full attention).

Did You Know: Tayce is an accomplished artist but she hides her drawings from her mother. Her father and her art teacher quietly support her. Tayce hope to go to college to study art after high school.



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