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Breaking the Habit Week 2

So I’m into my second week of reducing my dose of antidepressants. Now I only have to take my pills every third day and if all goes well, I get to stop taking them completely next week! As I mentioned before, I am making this change in full consultation with my doctors and my family. Do not make changes to your own medications without talking to your doctor and your support system.


Day 8 – No pill. I’m starting the week feeling a bit anxious. But I’m not too upset about it because any time someone makes a major change, there is bound to be some trepidation. I’m staying positive and looking forward to being drug free.

Day 9 – No pill. I feel good today and I’m glad to say I have nothing else to report.

Day 10 – Pill. I’m starting to feel stronger and more like myself each day. I was tempted not to take my pill today but I want to stick to the plan I’ve made with my doctors.

Day 11 – No pill. My body is starting to feel a bit worse the day after I take my pill. I take this as a sign that I’m getting ready to be done with antidepressants. I just have to power through to the end of the week.

Day 12 – No pill. I’m feeling calm today. The end of the week is in sight and I’m making good progress.

Day 13 – Last pill! Other than my stomach being a bit upset, I noticed nothing from this pill. This was my last day. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Day 14 – No pill. I made it! This upcoming week will be my first antidepressant free week in over two years. I’ll make sure to update you on my progress in this first week of my new drug-free habit.


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