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Breaking the Habit Week 1

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I am starting to reduce my dose of antidepressants so I can go off them. I thought I’d keep you posted on how it’s coming along.

Day 1 – No pill. I went to take my pill three times this morning. I actually had to remind myself not to take it! I didn’t notice any difference today but it will take more than one day to start getting the antidepressants out of my system.

Day 2 – Pill. Today I woke up with an upset stomach. I took my pill but I was a bit touchy all day, (similar to mild PMS.) I just took it easy today so my body can adjust to the new dose.

Day 3 – No pill. I’m starting to find myself a bit more nauseous, especially on days I don’t take my pill. Luckily, most of my symptoms are minor physical ones rather than emotional. I can’t wait until this transition is over.

Day 4 – Pill. There is even more nausea today. I’m having some trouble sleeping as well. That makes sense since one of the side effects of these antidepressants is that they can cause sleeplessness. Now that I don’t have as much of that effect, I’m sort of sleepy all the time. Still nothing emotionally worrying, so I’m hopeful these minor physical discomforts will pass. I think I’ll go to bed early.

Day 5 – No pill. I’m feeling a bit better today. I got some extra sleep and went for a massage after work. I’m really trying to take care of myself and I’m still feeling positive as the end of the week approaches.

Day 6 – Pill. I think I’m starting to turn the corner. I’m beginning to feel better and better on the days where I’m not medicated. I’ve also been feeling better after a good workout so I’m hitting the gym or doing yoga every day. It’s boosting my mood and soothing the physical symptoms. I also had my counseling session with Dr. B and got some more good news. Since he and Dr. V agree that I’m doing really well, I get to accelerate my weaning. So next week I get to take my pills every third day and the week after that I might get to be off them completely.

Day 7 – No pill. I’m treating myself to a quiet day around the house. I’ve done really well this week so I’m indulging in yoga, some light gardening and catching up on some of my favourite TV shows, (Orange is the New Black season three!) I’m also planning a BBQ chicken dinner followed by some homemade frozen hot chocolates for dessert for Nick and I tonight. It has been a good week. Wish me luck in week two.



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