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I hate not going to the gym.

Going to the gym is not always my favourite thing to do. However, I hate not going to the gym a lot more than I hate going. People say it takes approximately three months to form a habit. I’ve been going to CrossFit for over two years so I would say that’s a pretty set habit for me.

Recently, I’ve been having trouble with my migraines so I’ve had to take some time off CrossFit. During these rounds of cluster-style migraines my concentration has been so poor that I’d be a danger at the gym, besides the fact that the rush of Adrenalin would make my head pound even more. After several months I was able to find a treatment that did not include drugs, (those of you with migraines will know how difficult this can be.)

When I did head back to the gym, I got the usual warm reception sprinkled with questions about where I had been. I know this was because people had missed me but it got my guilty brain stirring. Everyone else had been working hard and improving their bodies while I had been going home to bed most nights after work. I felt chubby.

I also felt out of practice. I struggled a lot more than usual and had to life less weight than usual. I was slow and I made silly mistakes. At one point, a trainer had to stop me because I had 15 lbs on one end of my barbel and 10 lbs on the other. But I’m still glad I went back and am still going back. I’m increasing the number of classes I’m going to a week and I hope not to miss any more classes.

I mean, there’s only so many reasons I’ll allow myself to skip a workout. Taking care of my health is one of them. Therefore, I’m going to say goodbye to guilt and hello to sweating hard and toning up. #dowhatworks





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