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5 Ways to Give Off Positive Energy

I consider myself a happy person. However, I am always looking for ways to up my positive energy. That’s why I was interested to see this blog post by the Happsters: 5 Ways to Give Off Positive Energy. I wanted to see how I was doing by their measure of happiness.

5 Ways to Give off Positive Energy

  1. Smile & engage. I already smile a lot but I try to do this more often at work. I notice than when I smile at someone who looks stressed, they relax visibly.
  2. Make happiness a priority. Well, I’m reading blogs about happiness and thinking deeply and actively about what makes me happy, so I think I’m good there. 
  3. Be loving & grateful. I hope I do a good job of this. I appreciated all of you! Thank you for reading!
  4. Say positive words. I do make an effort to speak positively to others. Even when I need to correct a student or change a procedure at work, I try to communicate in a positive way. Of course, I can always try to improve in this area. For example, I do need to complain less, especially when I’m not feeling well.  
  5. Do something that energizes you. I do this in some active ways, (CrossFit, hiking, yoga, and swimming,) and in some calming ways, (meditating, reading, art, and writing.)

Hey, I’m doing pretty well! Reading this blog and looking at my own happiness really made me happy. Thanks Happsters!


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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Give Off Positive Energy

  1. Ikarus on said:

    Certainly a very positive way of thinking. Not to be negative here 😉 but remember, when doing something to make yourself happy, consider not avoiding important things that need doing as they may affect your happiness in the long-term. The best way to do it is to put some music on or whatnot, get the stuff out of the way, feel great about it and then you have all your time to do something to makes you floaty inside 🙂 Keep finding those vibes!!

    • Excellent point. Prioritizing that to do list and making sure to meet deadlines is still a proven way to feel less stressed. I love the idea of putting on some music and plowing through the task. I often do that when marking papers.

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