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Living with No Regrets (is bullshit)

I love this post Living with No Regrets (is bullshit). (Apologies to people who are offended by swearing. I kept it because it’s relevant to the original post).

We all have regrets. It’s normal to have regrets.

Regrets happen a couple of different ways. First, Regrets can happen when we don’t take a risk and we miss an opportunity. Regrets also happen when we take a risk and it doesn’t work out. True, regretting things feels pretty awful, but at least the second way shows that we tried something. Not everything we try will work out but that’s no reason to give up on taking risks altogether.

Let me say it again; it’s normal to have regrets. Recognize them. Don’t fear having regrets. That just makes the whole situation too complicated. Instead, learn from them and then move on.


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