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Spring Clean Up Round Up

So this will be my final post about my Spring Clean Up for now. I’m still going to work on my healthy habits but I’m going to round-up my posts on this subject so I can focus on other things I’m doing. So here’s how I did overall:

No food after 7pm – Accomplished.

No sweets except on exception days – Accomplished.

Only water and herbal tea to drink – Accomplished.

No grains – Almost there. I have drastically cut down and am going to keep working towards this goal.

I feel healthier. I’ve lost about 1 1/2 lbs, (that doesn’t seem like a lot over six weeks but I find true, lasting weight loss is best accomplished through slow changes in habit.) I feel successful and I think that’s what matters most.

Just so that you don’t feel I’ve left you hanging, I’m going to include some of the other goals I’ve set for myself over the next few months:

  1. Stop eating when I’m 80% full and see if I’s actually still hungry at that point.
  2. Stop eating while ding other activities like reading or watching TV.
  3. Moving from one or two CrossFit classes a week to 3-4.
  4. Ride my bike to and from CrossFit all summer (July and August.)
  5. Set two more goals to work on in July and August.



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