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Spring Cleaning Week 5

So this week I challenged myself to give up grains except in small amounts on exception days. As I explained in my review of the book Wheat Belly, I don’t believe grains cause all or even most ailments. However, I know that when I consume large quantities of grain products, I gain weight and feel more sluggish. I have also wondered if grains exacerbate my depression. I have head anecdotal evidence that wheat especially worsens depression, although I haven’t read a medical report that provides clinical evidence of this effect.

Before I got married, I reduced my consumption of grains, especially wheat, and found I felt a lot better. I slimmed down but more importantly, I had more energy. After the wedding, parties and honeymooning led to more rich meals complete with bread, pasta and treats like cake for dessert. Over time I noticed some weight gain, (about 5 lbs,) and a downward turn in my overall mood. These seemed like excellent reasons to remove most of the grains from my diet.

Now, because I struggled so much to reduce my sugar intake, I knew giving up my beloved bread would be a challenge so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t succeed this week. I ate fewer grains but still more than two servings. I had a lot of stress this week and I had several weather triggered migraines. For those of you who don’t know, migraines can be caused by changes in barometric pressure. One of the most effective, non-medicinal ways to treat a weather migraine is to eat complex, whole grains because the digestive system will draw blood out of the throbbing head to help with the difficult task of breaking down grains in the stomach.

Excuses aside, next week grains and I are breaking up for good. I may still see them at parties and social events but I’ll just smile and keep my distance.

Goodbye bread. I like you a lot but you make me feel badly.

Cereal, you’ve always been there on the breakfast table for me but I need some space.

Pasta, it’s not me, it’s you.




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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Week 5

  1. great job! you’re doing awesome! im a fitness blogger on here too! xx

  2. Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out.

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