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Art Assignment 22: Encounters

Dear Danielle and Julie,

Let me introduce you to each other.

Julie is an important member of my London family. She and I have been friends since I moved to London and she was in teacher’s college at UWO. She is caring and open with everyone and she always has my back. She is also my perfect fake wife so if my Nick and her Garry are both hit by meteorites, we are moving in together. No adventure or challenge is too much for her so I thought of her immediately when I saw this art assignment.

Danielle is a brand new friend for me. We were room buddies in semester one but now we’re friends as well. She is funny and wildly creative. Her students adore her and I can see why. Although she is easily distracted at times, you always get her full attention when you need it. She is also engaged so I have been watching her joyfully plan her wedding and regaling her with tales of my own celebrations with Nick.

I am sending you a piece of paper and I want you to add something to it. Use any medium, any style, and any colour. Nothing is off-limits. Draw, cut, paint, and collage until it looks right to you. When you are finished, use the envelope to mail it to the other person. You will mail your art back and forth a few times each. When one of you feels the work is finished, mail it back to me so that I can put your masterpiece on my blog.

Thank you both for your help,


PS: You also both love minions. It’s a match made in heaven!


We are all teachers so we sent the art through inter-school mail using one of those inter-office envelopes. I was so excited when the envelope finally made its way back to my desk.

Here it is!

Here it is!

I can't wait to see it...

I can’t wait to see it…



I love the layering of text and images. I also really like the one border that looks like the edge of an unknown continent. #theartassignment


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