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Art Assignment 21: Movement Telephone

I decided to take a risk with this assignment and use this video for my movement clip:

I love watching people communicate using ALS. We have a deaf interpreter at my school and my favourite thing to see is when she and a student are signing rapidly back and forth and laughing at some shared joke. ALS is a beautiful language because it reminds me of dance. It seamlessly integrates gestures, body language and facial expressions into communication.

Let me be clear; I do not know ASL. My video is not meant to be offensive to speakers of ASL. Instead I was trying to show how difficult it can be to learn a new language. This was my attempt to learn the ASL alphabet in just a few tries.

I know, I made a lot of mistakes and some of my signs are backwards. Not bad for a first try though. I’ll have to keep practicing, just like when I first learned the alphabet by singing it.



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