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Spring Cleaning Week 1

So I don’t mean my cabinets and closets, (although they usually get a once over this time of year as well.) Instead, I am going to clean up my eating habits. In the dark months of Winter we all tend to relax our eating habits a bit and Spring is my time to return to my healthier habits. By no means is this a simple task.

To ensure my success I’m going to borrow a technique I learned from some friends who are on a clean eating plan. Once a week I will introduce (or reintroduce) a healthy eating habit. I will take that week to focus on that habit and make it part of my daily routine until I don’t even think about it. Then the next week I will introduce another healthy habit and so on until I am eating much better. I figure I will take until my birthday at the end of May to get my eating habits where I want them. By adding one habit a week, I won’t feel overwhelmed each week but these small changes will add up to a healthier me.

I will also get exception days. These are vacation days where I am allowed to ignore my habits and have some fun. No one can eat perfectly all of the time so this is essential to sticking to my plan. I will start with two exception days a week and then scale it back to one day a week.

So on to Spring Cleaning Week 1. My habit this week was to stop eating and drinking anything but water at 7PM each night. According to this article on, eating after dinner can lead to weight gain, sleep disturbances, diabetes, and acid reflux. I am not interested in any of these. 7PM is late enough that I can ensure I get my dinner but far enough from bedtime that I’m not going to bed on a full stomach.

I chose a habit I would find easy for week 1 so that I would feel successful early. This encourages me to keep going. Most nights this week I actually stopped eating around 6:30PM. My one exception was Tuesday when I saw a movie with friends at 6:50. I did indulge in a few movie snacks but I stopped around 7:30 and made sure to eat slowly so I wouldn’t break my first rule too extremely.

Stay tuned next week when I add another healthy habit to my new eating plan.


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