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Wedded Bliss


Today is my one year wedding anniversary. One year ago Nick and I stood in front of our family and promised to love and take care of each other. We were so happy on that day and we have had countless happy times since.

When people find out you are newly weds, they often ask how married life is or how it’s different from dating each other. I talked to Nick and we agreed that our married life is not that different from our dating life. Before we were married, Nick and I lived together and we had already had many of the ‘big conversations’ (e.g. kids, money, lifestyle, etc.) We also bought and renovated a house together before we got engaged. All those things drew us together and getting married just solidified our commitment to each other.

Another thing people like to tell newly weds is that the first year of marriage the most difficult. We didn’t find this was true for us either. We had so much fun together in our first year of marriage. We laughed a lot and worked through the tough times together. It wasn’t a challenging year for us but maybe that’s because we had done a lot of the relationship work before we got to the altar. But we still work on our marriage every day. I would never claim Nick and I are doing everything right, but we feel supported by our relationship and that’s important.

Happy anniversary. I love you, Mister.


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