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Book Review: Mindful Power

For my February audiobook I listened to Mindful Power by Jevon Dangeli. Dangeli promises seven psychological techniques to empower the mind. The book contains six sections:

Part 1 – includes Mindful Power facts and philosophy, which covers how to use your whole mind for more fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Part 2 – includes the Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique.

Part 3 – includes the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique.

Part 4 – includes two Mindful Power Enlightened Brain Techniques.

Part 5 – includes the Mindful Power Resourceful Interaction Technique.

Part 6 – includes the Mindful Power Meditation.

Each chapter begins with an outline of Dangeli’s program, then a description of the meditation steps and then a guided meditation. This makes the chapters a bit repetitive, likely to aid in the memorization of the steps of each meditation.

Learn from my mistakes; don’t listen to this in the car. I managed but each time Dangeli launched into one of the meditations, I had to take the audio files into the house and complete the chapters there. Please, don’t meditate and drive!

If you’ve never meditated, this might be a good listen. I have taken meditation classes before so I had a sort of ‘been there, done that’ feeling throughout. However, the practice felt lovely and reminded me how important meditation is. I also thought Dangeli’s focus on the elimination of negative self-talk was excellent. I’ll be using that part of the practice often.

Happy reading!


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