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Small Gallery, Big Impact

A little while ago, I reviewed an art show called Submerged at the Gallery Stratford. There was another art show at the same time that also appealed to me. So, doing my duty as a responsible blogger, I contacted artist Monica Tap and she kindly agreed to let me write about her show and use some of the photos on her website to illustrate this blog post.

While Submerged was a whimsical display that urged the viewer to circle the room, Teufelsmoor and other haunts was a more traditional display of hung canvases. However, the paintings lulled me immediately into quite contemplation. The complexity of the black streaks and slashes reminded me of staring into the forest after a long snowshoe trek, where fatigue and overhanging branches bleach out the colour of the world but not the beauty.

Even though the brushstrokes seemed at times frantic, the overall impression was calming. I attribute that to the monochromatic colour choices. I was mesmerized staring into these scenes, thinking at any moment I would spot an animal or a splash of colour.

I would love having one of these pieces in my home. The art I enjoy almost always reveals itself slowly, showing me new facets in different lighting or when I spend time contemplating it on quiet afternoons. I have a feeling I could spend a lot of time enjoying the art of Monica Tap.

What a treat to visit a small gallery and see two very different, very engaging art exhibits. Take the time to visit the art galleries near you. It will do wonders for your state of mind.



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