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Am I a Hipster?

When Nick teases me, he sometimes calls me a hipster. Actually, his favourite is to tell me I’m a hipster and then ask me where my cat ears and roller skates are. Am I a hipster? I like my cat ear hat but I actually don’t own roller skates. I headed to the Internet to find out for sure.


This post by Idea Channel got me started with some definitions and examples, but I’m not really sure if I fit in this category. My next stop was a series of quiz websites.

My first stop was Quiz Rocket. It contained questions like:

  • You have (or had) a site hosted by which of the following?

    • Geocities
    • Tumblr
    • Word Press
    • Blogger
    • I don’t have a site.

    Here is my result:

    You are not a hipster and that is a-okay with you. Sure you may appreciate a good pair of skinny jeans, or a knit cap on a chilly day, but overall, you like being part of mainstream society and don’t appreciate these stupid hipsters judging you for it!
    OK, so next I went to Quibblo and they featured such questions as:

    Your motto is…

    • Go against what people say and be different, no one should copy.
    • Stay true to yourself
    • Don’t hate on me.. I am just that cool.

    My results:

    NOT a hipster

    You are anything but a hipster which is okay too! Stay true to yourself.

    Finally I landed at BuzzFeed for my last quiz. Their questions looked like this:


    And the results:

    You got: Not a hipster

    You like normal stuff and you’re not a jerk. Congrats!

So it appears I am not really a Hipster but I like some Hipster-ish things. However, these quizzes aren’t scientific in any way so I don’t think it will discourage my hubby from teasing me!









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