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Blue Monday, I am ready to defeat you!

Last year, I didn’t realize it was coming until I was having a really bad day. The year before, I called my mom to complain about my bad day and she told me what had happened. I was one of the 10% of people who suffer on Blue Monday.

So the people who make statistics, (statisticians?) have predicted Monday, January 26th as Blue Monday,(AKA the most depressing day of the year.) Usually I forget Blue Monday is coming until it hits me with one whopper of a bad day, but not this year. This year I’m going to do my best to get ahead of Blue Monday.

I am beginning my day with a 6 am class at West London CrossFit. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight depression so I want to start my day right! My breakfast is going to be high protein with some veggies and complex carbs for good measure. Pair that with a cup of relaxing herbal tea and I’ll be ready to face the rest of the day.

That particular Monday is an exam day for me, so I won’t be doing much actual teaching. I’ll proctor the exam in the morning and then spend the rest of my work day marking. This is problematic for two reasons; first, seeing my student nervous elevates my stress level and second, marking requires a lot of sitting. To overcome this pitfall, I will be making sure that for every 20 minutes of sitting I do, I will take a 5 minute walk. I’m also going out to lunch with my coworkers that day and we have decided on sushi. That midday punch of protein and veggies should boost my spirits. Throughout the day I will also be snacking on fruit and drinking lots of water. This should help me combat my sweet-tooth, which rears its ugly head most when I’m bored at work.

Once I get home I plan to relax. No marking or cleaning the house for me. I’m thinking a hot bath, some snuggles with the cats and my hubby and maybe a funny movie.

These little beauties will be my movie snack of choice.

These little beauties will be my movie snack of choice.

Ok, so it likely won’t turn out as perfectly as all that but with this plan, I hope to make my Blue Monday a little less blue.



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