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Art Assignment 18: Expanded Moment

When I took a look at the posts for this assignment so far, I noticed that most people chose landscapes to record. I suppose that’s because landscapes are quieter and easier to capture. However, I decided to use people as my subjects, (my hairdresser and myself). I made this time-lapse video of me getting my hair coloured and cut:

Now, anyone who knows me knows I’m a hair dye addict. I’ve been dying my hair a variety of colours since I was in high school. I love getting my hair done and for me this is a really personal moment I’m sharing. My hair appointments are a time of vulnerability, (I’m changing my look and hoping it will suit me; I rarely get the same cut or colour twice). I also really dislike being on film. I feel self-conscious and the urge to judge myself can be overwhelming. The only way I could get through this was to set up the camera on my hairdresser’s station and then mostly ignore it.

The first time I watched this video I mainly watched myself, (hey, I’m human; we all look for ourselves first in videos and photos). Next I watched my hairdresser. She is so skilled! Seeing her move about made me respect how much work she does to get my hair the way I want it. Maybe I should start calling her a hair artist. I watched the video again, this time keeping my eyes on details in the background such as the movement of light and shadows. Watching streaks of light move across the walls is strangely hypnotic.

Parts of the video jump with rapid-fire activity as my hairdresser works and we chat and laugh. Other sections are quite placid. Sorry you get to watch me read for so long but it takes time for the hair dye to set.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with this video. Even though it still makes me feel a bit squirmy to watch myself sit around for two and a half hours while I get my hair done, (yes, it takes that long,) the final video is neatly compressed into 24 seconds.


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