My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Happy New Year!

This article from Forbes states that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. That makes me feel a little sad. I like achieving my goals and I want others to be able to achieve theirs too.

The article mentions some ways to set a more achievable resolution:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Make it tangible.
  • Make it obvious.
  • Keep believing you can do it.

Now I don’t often set New Year’s resolutions but when I have in the past I like to use the SMART goal method.

So this year I am going to set a resolution. I am going to listen to one audio book per month that I feel will improve my Thinking by Design. So let’s make sure my resolution meets the SMART goal format.

S – Listening to helpful audio books will help me Think by Design more consistently.

M – I can measure this by choosing one audio book per month and listening to it on my commute to and from work.

A – I like listening to audio books in the car so making this a habit will be useful and enjoyable.

R – This goal is relevant because I have been actively trying to improve my state of mind in 2014 and I’m going to keep working on it in 2015.

T – I have to spend approximately one hour per day in the car so one audio book per month is reasonable.

To perfect my resolution, I have chosen a few books to get me started.

December – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

January – Mindful Compassion by Paul Gilbert.

February – 7 habits of Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. 

March – The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden. 

You may notice I started my resolution in December. Who says resolutions have to start in January? I had the idea for my goal in December so I started in December. As well, I’m coming into January with one month of my goal achieved. That makes me feel confident I can continue for all of 2015. If anyone has a good suggestion for an audio book that would improve my mindset, please let me know and good luck with your own resolutions!


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