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CrossFit Is Everywhere!

I have been watching the daily vlogs of a family called the Shaytards for a year or so, (Shaytards = the dad’s name Shay + unitards… experience it here). They are a Mormon family and the dad Shay blogs often about his weight loss journey. I’ve watched him try a whole variety of diets and workout routines with varying degrees of success.

In the video above, he records his time at a CrossFit class. It’s exciting to see others getting involved in something I love. CrossFit seems to be spreading everywhere! Many of my followers on WordPress and Twitter find me through #CrossFit. I think it is growing in popularity because it is effective. CrossFit has made me leaner and healthier than I’ve ever been.

Shay also points out that he’s training with a friend and he has offered his buddy $50 per pound he loses. Talk about motivation! I wish someone would offer me cash to work out and get healthy! Kidding aside, it is a great idea to train with friends. It helps me keep going even when I’m not looking forward to a workout. My CrossFit location is really welcoming and there’s always someone in class I can chat with. It seems like the one Shay attends is just as friendly. I hope it works as well for him as it does for me!


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2 thoughts on “CrossFit Is Everywhere!

  1. I love the shaytards videos! I love that some of the kids to crossfit too!!

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