My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Morning Training

I’ve got to admit; I was skeptical. Morning training? At six am? Really? But because of a scheduling change at work I now have the opportunity to go to the early CrossFit classes.

Truly, the biggest challenge is just getting my butt out of bed. To make it to West London CrossFit in time to warm up, I need to wake up at five am. Once I’m washed and dressed, I scarf a quick breakfast, (usually a hard-boiled egg and some tea,) and head out. Usually I arrive just as the gym is opening so it’s really quiet and can be quite cold. Rolling out and doing mobility doesn’t seem so appealing but I do it because if I skip it, I’ll pay for it later.

Once class begins, time moves quickly and before I know it, I’m rolling out and ready to go home. I can often watch the sunrise on my drive back. It’s peaceful.

I’ve done the morning classes a few times now and although I enter bleary-eyed, I leave energized. I feel like I’ve accomplished something first thing in the morning. I also find my energy doesn’t wane as much during the day. Dangit, I guess morning training is good for me after all. It looks like I’ll be sleeping in less often from now on.


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