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Anxiety Down, Depression Up

Most people suffer from both anxiety and depression, rather than one or the other. I am one of those people. As most of you know, I’ve been working really hard to control my anxiety and I’m seeing some positive results. However, the tricky thing about mental health is that it can run in cycles that are difficult to break. So right now I’m leaving a time of anxiety but I’ve landed in a time of more depression.

There is no single cause for my depression. The triggers affecting me right now are work stress, Nick being away on a business trip, a lack of time with my friends (we are all just so busy!) and the waning of sunlight as winter approaches.

When I’m depressed I have trouble concentrating, I’m not motivated and I sleep a lot more. In fact, sleeping is one of the few things I feel like doing. I feel helpless and hopeless. Even my usual pursuits and activities hold no appeal. Everything seems like too much work.

This blog took me longer than usual to write because I have difficulty describing what it is like to be depressed. Because the causes of my depression are complex, no one thing is going to snap me out of it. It is going to take time and hard work. However, unlike past bouts of depression, I am confident I will come though this alright. I have lots of support and healthy habits to help me though. Wish me luck and patience because I’m going to need lots of both.


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