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Juice Cleanse – Post-Cleanse

My Top Tips for Juice Cleansing:

  1. Drink lots of water. This will help flush out toxins.
  2. Drink lots of herbal tea. It will calm your stomach and keep your mind off food.
  3. Keep your exercise light and relaxing on juice days. You will only be consuming about 1000 calories a day so you want to give your body a break.
  4. Go to bed early.
  5. Do something nice for yourself.
  6. Be very careful about the first things you eat in the post-cleanse. Your stomach will be tender as it returns to solid food. Stick to raw veggies before you try anything else.

My Pros:

  • I feel fantastic. I think that’s the main thing. After this cleanse I felt energized and healthy. Going to bed earlier also helped me reset my sleep pattern so I’m less tired during the day and sticking to a strict diet has put me back on the path to Eating by Design.
  • Another reason I did this cleanse was to get a handle on my sweet tooth. This process taught me which times a have my biggest sugar cravings. For me, I crave sugar Tuesday and Friday nights most of all. Fridays make sense; it’s the end of the week and I’m looking to have fun. Tuesday nights make less sense. It could be because Tuesday is cheap night at the movies, not that I go every week, but I go often and usually have a snack. Or it might be because I’ve made it through two days of work and tomorrow is hump day. Eating as a coping mechanism is something I try to avoid but not always successfully.
  • Finally, keep in mind that any cleanse will likely affect your weight. For example, I lost seven pounds. Now because the cleanse kept me to a strict low-calorie diet, as I return to my regular eating habits I’ll likely gain a bit of it back, but I am trimmer over all.

My Cons:

  • While most of the juices were yummy, one or two were not so appealing to me. The ones I liked least had a strong celery flavour. Just be aware that some of the juice flavours are more appealing than others.
  • The cost of the cleanse could be prohibitive for some. Delivery is optional so that saves $10. I think in this case I attribute the cost to the high quality of the juices. All the ingredients are fresh and organic and that kind of quality is costly.
  • Finally, I could see this type of cleanse being very difficult to do if I had children. After all, I was able to take a nap most days after school. I also don’t have to worry about feeding anyone else as Nick can pretty much take care of his own meals.

Overall, I’m glad I did this cleanse. I would certainly recommend the three-day cleanse. It might be a great way to kick off your next 30 Day Challenge!


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