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Art Assignment 12: Imprint

My kindergarten teacher’s name was Mrs. Ballentine, (she let us call her Mrs. Valentine; she was gentle with children). She taught us that if you cut an apple horizontally instead of vertically a star appeared inside. She would cut our apples and let us wish on the star inside. That was the inspiration for my series called Star Apples.

Star Apples 1

Star Apples 1

Star Apples 2

Star Apples 2

These pieces didn’t turn out at all the way I expected but I actually like that. Art shouldn’t be too planned out. In my first piece I love the rich colours and the thickness of the paint. For the second piece, I thinned my paints with water and got an amazing glazed effect that makes my apples look like alien planets. In both pieces, I love that the paint pulled the paper and gave it an interesting texture.

As a bonus, some of my scrap materials and leftovers actually looked pretty beautiful as well. I decided to photograph them and include them in the series. Enjoy! #theartassignment

Star Apples 3

Star Apples 3

Star Apples 3

Star Apples 4


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