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Chipmunk Relocation Program

My husband and I have been having some issues with a chipmunk. He has dug a tunnel though our lawn and under our driveway. Now bits of the driveway are caving in. There is no doubt about it, Mr. Chipmunk has to go.

Now to be fair, we tried to discourage the chipmunk from digging up our driveway by filling in his hole with rocks and then chilli flakes and then human hair, (from my hairdresser). None of that discouraged our little interloper so Nick showed me this picture of a trap he saw online.

Basically, you fill a bucket with seeds and water and when the chipmunk goes up the ramp to get the seeds, he falls in the water and dies. I’m not sure what we thought was going to happen to our chipmunk, but he didn’t die. Nick found him swimming around and around the bucket trying to escape. Poor Nick couldn’t stand to see him suffer, so he dumped the bucket, water, chipmunk and all, into our cat carrier. The chipmunk was, obviously, not pleased and quite soggy.


Nick and I walked him several kilometres into the bush and found him a new home with trees, bushes and a nearby river. We just have to pray he won’t be able to find his way back!


By the time we found a good spot, our little friend was quite eager to be on his way.


I very carefully opened the cage.


He paused a moment and then scurried away.


Nick and I will now be running a chipmunk relocation program from our house. No squirrels please.


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