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Art Assignment 11: Under the Influence

This assignment took me back to high school. I attended an arts intensive high school and many of our assignments were to present something in the style of another author. I have created works echoing Degas, Monet, Dali, Lorne Harris, and Chagall, just to name a few. I suppose that’s why I felt a pull to do something different here. I wanted to capture the style of some not-so-famous art.

The first time I ever heard of people going to school for art was when I was in the third or fourth grade, and I came across this ad in my Archie comics:

Drawing contest

Does anyone else remember these contests? You could draw any of the characters on the poster and win scholarships or cash prizes by mail. Now the Art Instruction Schools is a real place and it is still operating. I took a little tour of their current website but I didn’t see any sign of these contests. I never entered this contest as a kid so I thought I’d take a crack at it now. I put the iconic Tippy, Tiny and Pirate on some iPhone cases to update it a bit. I just have a feeling that is where these characters are mostly likely to end up in 2014. What do you think? Should I mail it to Minneapolis? I won’t be holding my breath for the $995.00 scholarship, I think. 🙂



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