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Fan Girl Power!

Dear John Green,

Thanks for turning me into a hopeless fangirl with your latest novel The Fault in Our Stars. I admired its brutal honesty and deadpan humour. I loved that you see teenagers the way I do; not as monsters or miniature adults, but as people with their own identities and rich inner lives. So to highlight my fangirl-ness, I made some art:



I also have my signed copy of the novel and I recently saw the film. There is plenty of gushing already online about the film so I’ll keep this to a minimum. I make a practice of reading the novel before I see the movie; I generally like the novel better. I like the novel and film version of The Fault in Our Stars equally. That is a rarity. Keep up the good work, Mr. Green. I need more novels for my students and I to read!




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