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Art Assignment 4: Never Seen, Never Will

I am fascinated by the Cottingley Fairies. These photos were taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths in 1917 and enthralled the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These sweet-faced girls convinced people that fairies were real and living in their gardens.


For my ‘never seen, never will’ project I wanted to take my own fairy photos. I’ve never seen a fairy but I’d like to think they’re out in the woods somewhere. The obvious, modern solution would be to manufacture some slick images in Photoshop but I wanted to seek out the magic that Elsie and Frances created with paper and scissors and camera alone.

I found some pictures of Victorian flower fairies and painstakingly cut them out. Then to get the feel of old-fashioned film, I downloaded the Retrica app on my smart phone. My photos have their logo in the corner but you can pay to have it removed if you want to use this app. Here are my results:

015 016 019
So, do you believe I fairies?





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